“Owl” Always Love You

Pink Owl from quilt design “Owl Always Love You”

Starting to list out my projects and everything I need to wrap up.  This is truly hanging out my dirty laundry, this quilt is for my niece.  It was for her baby shower.  She is now one.  Ugh!  How did that happen?

I did joke that I had until she could say, “Auntie where’s my quilt?”  So I think I still might have some time.

The design was inspired by my sister who noticed owls everywhere during her pregnancy. They were all so cute and seemed to be everywhere.   It seems to me that I still see owls when I’m out shopping,  so the trend continues.  Unless I’m just noticing them out of a guilty conscious.  Hmmm, something to think about.

Owls from quilt design “Owl Always Love You” copyright 2013 Jennifer McLean

I was very happy with the way the owls turned out.  I’m not always sure if my rough sketches will turn out when the pieces of fabric are finally cut and pieced together.  Have started to put them into blocks and have placement roughly outlined.   We’ll see how this guilt trip works out…..


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